Easter Fun

  • This promotion runs from 31/03/2015 until 07/04/2014.
  • Only players who deposited at least once successfully with bonus code EGGHUNT are eligible to take part in this promotion.
  • To collect eggs every day players need to play any of the available casino games.
  • Any € 500 wagered on any given day will add 1 egg to the collection of the day. The maximum amount of eggs that can be collected each day is 50.
    EUR, GBP, USD, CAD, AUD:  500
    SEK, ZAR, NOK, DKK:  5000
  • The amount necessary to wager is respective to your play currency. The following amounts qualify for one egg.
  • Each egg has the value of 5 Free Spins.
  • After one day of the promotion is over the amount of eggs for each player participating will be evaluated and the free spins will be credited during the following day.
  • At the end of the promotion the total amount of eggs for each player participating will be evaluated and free spins will be given on the 07/04/2015.
  • Any free spins from this promotion cannot be played on mobile devices.
  • The following prizes for Full egg baskets will be awarded.
Amount of Eggs in basket Reward
50 75
100 750
150 225
200 300
250 375
300 450
350 525


  • This promotion is only for Real money players who have made at least 1 successful deposit.
  • This promotion can be cancelled for any reason without prior notice. A day starts at 0:00:01 GMT and ends at 23:59:59 GMT time.
  • Any breach of the terms for this promotion or the general bonus terms may result in the removal of winnings and exclusion from further promotions. The decision of the casino will be final.
  • Standard Bonus Terms and Conditions apply.
  • Standard Terms of Use Apply.