EPS Payment Option

EPS is an electronic payment platform developed by Austrian banks and government which belongs to the Wirecard group. It consists in an online payment solution enabling internet payments around the clock in the form of a bank transfer, regardless of banking opening times. Deposits can be done by transferring funds from a selected list of Austrian banks. At this time, the only accepted currency is the Euro. EPS casino payment option does not enable withdrawals (cash-outs) yet.

Open an EPS Account

Follow the link provided at the bottom of this page and get in touch with EPS: you will be guided to successfully open an EPS account just like 2,5 million Austrian have done in the past. Then, if you are looking to play in an EPS casino, they will help you to make your dream come true. EPS casinos appreciate the online banking services provided by EPS and their cashier will be very happy to receive deposits arriving via EPS.

EPS gives merchant and EPS casinos a very strong warranty of payment, since EPS money transfers cannot be cancelled.
Additional information is available in German at this page and in English at this page . Both pages include an electronic contact form which can be used to forward your queries to Wirecard and EPS staff. If you are more comfortable with phone enquiries, you can call them at +43 (0)316 / 81 36 81 -0 or send them a fax at +43 (0)316 / 81 36 81 -20.

Additional EPS Advantages

EPS services are conceived in order to ensure there is no risk of fraud or default: payments done by the method are made directly to merchant’s account, enabling for immediate shipping of goods/services to the buyer. This solution has been developed and supported by major banks and real-time notification of payment authorization with guarantee of payment is immediately carried out.

If you want to open an EPS account now, get in touch with them using the following link: