Fast Bank Transfer

The Fast Bank Transfer is a payment option which enables a regular bank transfer to be effective in a shorter lapse of time, in the order of one business day. This is considerably quicker than regular bank transfers, which are not done under the form of a Fast Bank Transfer.

Casino players which are in a hurry to prove their talent and try to beat the casino with real money might want to try this payment method.

Do a Fast Bank Transfer

If you already have a bank account which permits payment to an online casino, you should log into your Fast Bank Transfer casino account and look for the different payment methods which are available at the cashier.

As an example, when you are in the real money mode at Royale500 casino, you will ask to make a deposit and you will be offered a large set of payment options. You will then look for the Fast Bank Transfer among the list of available options.

All you have to do then is to define the amount which you want to deposit and follow the appropriate instruction to complete this Fast Bank Transfer.
For information and support concerning this fast and useful payment method, please refer to your banking representative (the person at the bank which manages your regular bank account).

Additional Fast Bank Transfer Advantages

The use of this payment method saves the players depositing at Fast Bank Transfer casinos the hassle to pay using a third party instrument like a credit card or an eWallet. Of course, you are advised to check in advance with the bank what fees you might incur by depositing money by the means of a Fast Bank Transfer.

Also Fast Bank Transfer casino withdrawal options should be checked in advance with your bank representatives.