Giropay Payment Option

Giropay is a German bank transfer payment option which allows users to make online deposits from their own bank accounts to a Giropay casino account or any other Internet shop which accepts Giropay payments. It is restricted to a selected group of participating banking institutions: the complete list can be found at and the number of banks and savings banks in the Giropay network is more than 1,500.

How to Pay with Giropay

If you want to see a how the Giropay system functions in detail, their website displays an excellent video which you can run at this page.
As a matter of fact, you do not need to open an account with Giropay in order to use it.

It's enough (and necessary) that you have an account with one of the aforementioned banks. That makes the working procedure extremely simple. At any of the Giropay casinos, and in particular at Royale500, you visit the cashier section and choose Giropay as your deposit method.

This will put you in a secure and confidential online communication with your bank, where you will validate your Giropay casino deposit by the means of your personal data, which of course do not get disclosed to any third party.

Then Giropay confirms to the casino cashier that your deposit is valid and your casino account is credited with the new amount. This gets done in the most simple and secured way, so that your funds are transferred only to the destinations which you explicitly authorized, be it Giropay casinos websites or online stores.

Additional info is available at this Frequently Asked Questions page.

Additional Giropay Advantages

It should be noted that Giropay is free for users, since the system is paid by fees which are imposed on online merchants and shops. Therefore, if you decide to play at Royale500 Casino depositing with Giropay, every Euro of the amount that you deposit will be available for you to play with. Please note that you can only deposit money with Giropay: if you wish to withdraw your casino gains, you will need an alternative withdrawal option.

If you want to get in contact with Giropay and start using their service, here is a convenient link for you: