POLi Payment Option

POLi is an Internet payment method based on Internet banking. It currently services Australian users and it carries out transactions in both Australian dollars (AUD) and New Zealand dollars (NZD). The concept of POLi builds on enabling users to purchase services and goods on the Internet by means which resemble a credit card but without actually using a credit card.

So, even if you do not own a credit card or (more probably) you are not willing to disclose your card's details to the cashier of online merchants, you can count on POLi casinos to welcome deposits coming from this simple and practical payment option. POLi services are offered by Centricom Pty Ltd, an independent provider of innovative web-based transaction services and software. Since there is no POLi account, this payment option method cannot be used to withdraw POLi casino funds and wins.

Install POLi Payment Application

POLi is provided free of charge and you do not need to register. Prior to making POLi casino payments using any of the POLi services, you will need to install the POLi Web Browser. Royale500's POLi casinos players can easily download it using the link provided at the bottom of this page.

The list of Australian and New Zealand banks which have an agreement with POLi is available at the page http://www.polipayments.com/consumer . Australia support will answer your calls at +61 3 8601 5900 (Email [email protected]) and New Zealand support will do the same at +64 9 363 6721 (Email [email protected]). A complete Frequently Asked Section is available for you at http://www.polipayments.com/faq

Additional POLi Advantages

Differently from other online banking payment options, POLi understands that errors happen and allow its users to request transaction refunds. In most cases you will be advised to communicate your request using the following form.

If you want to open a POLi account now, click on the following link: