Swedbank (Bank Link) Payment Option

Bank Link is a secure and real-time bank transfer service which is offered exclusively to customers of Swedbank in the Baltic countries. It represents for many a safe and advanced Internet payment system for online shopping.

Customers must hold an online account with Swedbank to use this service. Originally, Swedbank had its roots in the Swedish savings banking tradition, dating back to 1820, but it now offers a full-service bank for both private individuals and business companies in the Nordic markets of Sweden, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, with more than 500 branches in these 4 countries.

Open a Swedbank Bank Link Account

In order to use Bank Link payment method, you need an account with Swedbank. We are glad to give you the direct link to the Web page where you will learn about how to use Bank Link and open your new Swedbank account.

Please note that this link is different whether you are in Lithuania, Latvia or Estonia, since you will be sent to three different websites. When you open a Swedbank account, you are advised to check with the bank representatives if their banking services include also withdrawal of funds at Bank Link casinos.

Once your account is open and you want to use it to purchase on the Web, the payment procedure works as follows: you choose the product or service you want to pay for on the Internet. You confirm that you wish to buy them, making the payment with the help of Bank Link.

If you do so at Swedbank casinos like Royale500, you simply select the Swedbank deposit option at the cashier. The information on the purchase and the identification of the Vendor are automatically sent to Swedbank. If the Vendor's electronic signature is valid, the invoice is then accepted for execution. Swedbank Internet Bank generates the payment order for you, based on the Vendor's bill.

You then enter the authorization passwords and confirm the payment. Payment of the invoice is now fully executed and Swedbank notifies the Vendor about the successful payment of the invoice. Finally, you and the Swedbank casino (or any other Vendor) will finalize the deposit (or the delivery of ordered goods).

Additional Swedbank Advantages

The costs for all Bank Link casino transactions are known in advance, since Swedbank publishes a detailed table of all the fees involved in the service they offer. You can find it in English, Russian, Lithuanian, Estonian and Latvian).

If you want to learn more about Swedbank Bank Link operations, here are three convenient links for you: