Teleingreso Payment Option

Teleingreso is a fast, easy and secure payment option allowing you to fund your account online through its network of more than 3,000 ATM machines, 2000 post offices and 300 outlets in Spain.

Start using Teleingreso

Here is a step by step guide: there is no need to register to use this Teleingreso. All you have to do is to go to the Teleingreso casino of your choice (presumably Royale500 Casino) and visit the cashier: you will choose the option to deposit money through Teleingreso.

You will confirm your willingness to operate this deposit and then receive a transaction code of 9 digits. After that, you can visit any one of the places that provide support for this method (ATM machines, post offices and other outlets), enter your Teleingreso casino transaction code and pay the required amount using cash or credit card. You are allowed a maximum of 30 days to do so, but of course you will do it much faster.

Royale500 Casino will receive confirmation of the payment, associate it to your account via the 9 digits code and credit you with the amount of money which you just paid. It's as simple as that and it can be done in no time. You can read about the different steps to pay with Teleingreso at .

As a result of this simple procedure, you have succeeded in carrying out your deposit without hampering your privacy or handing over any bank details to anybody. Besides Teleingreso casinos accounts, scores of Spanish merchants accept this very common payment option.

This 9 digits code is unique for one transaction and should never be reused. You can obtain another similar code anytime you want to make another deposit. You cannot use Teleingreso to withdraw fund to your own benefit and you need to find an alternative withdrawal option.

Additional Teleingreso Advantages

Since you are not opening an account and you are doing the Teleingreso casinos deposit in person, there is no need for giving personal identification or filling bureaucratic forms. This makes the whole banking process simple and straightforward.

If you want more info about Teleingreso, here is a convenient link for you: