Bancontact / Mister Cash Payment Option

Bancontact / Mister Cash is a debit card in use in Belgium. In fact, 75% of Belgian citizen do not owe any credit card, though many of them (about 8 millions) have a Bancontact/Mister Cash debit card.

This very important local network makes this card quite popular also among casino players, but for some reason there are very few Bancontact Mister Cash casinos. PlayMilllion Casino wants to give its players the most professional and effective choice regarding deposit and withdrawal methods, therefore it is natural that we have chosen to offer our players access to this Bancontact Mister Cash option through our cashier.

Get a Bancontact / Mister Cash Debit Card

In order to get a Bancontact / Mister Cash debit card and play with it at Bancontact Mister Cash casinos, you have to open an account at any Belgian bank. In principle, you will receive at the same time on your card the advantages given by Maestro debit card. You need to be a Belgian resident in order to have a Bancontact / Mister Cash debit card issued on your name.

You will find an excellent Frequently Asked Question page about Bancontact / Mister Cash debit cards published online by one of the leading banking institutions in Belgium at this address:

If your Bancontact / Mister Cash debit card (or any other Belgian credit/debit card) is lost or stolen, you are advised to call immediately Card Stop at phone number 070/344.344 (or +32.70/344.344 if you are abroad). Card Stop is accessible 7/7, 24/24 and it serves clients of all banks (there is a fee of 12€). If you call them, please have your and your card's data handy.

Other Bancontact / Mister Cash Advantages

Bancontact / Mister Cash debit card offers online players a depositing solution which is virtually hassle-free. It enables them to transfer quickly the desired amount to their Bancontact Mister Cash casino.

Since you can transfer only available funds, the Bancontact / Mister Cash debit card is a good step to enhance responsible online gaming: in fact, the only way to get a minor credit extension (about 1000€) would be to make such a request by Fax, so that the timeframe for obtaining this additional funding is not adapted to compulsive players, which represents a very positive advantage for Bancontact / Mister Cash in particular and debit cards in general.

If you want to learn more about Bancontact Mister Cash debit cards, here is a convenient link for you: