Maestro Payment Option

Maestro is a debit card issued by MasterCard and it is one of the most popular methods used to deposit at online casinos, with more than 666 million already issued Maestro cards. As typical on debit cards, you are allowed to spend no more than the funds which are available on your banking account.

That means that you cannot use the Maestro debit card to borrow money as you might do with a traditional credit card. In some countries Maestro was once called Switch, but over the past few years the name Switch has been successfully rebranded to Maestro, which is MasterCard's global debit brand. We have therefore seen the Maestro name and logo gradually replacing Switch on customers' cards and in shop windows.

Get a Maestro Debit Card

In order to get a Maestro debit card, you have the option to turn to the bank where you have your current private account or to ask one from any other bank. You might want to compare the fees involved in different offers before you decide. You cannot apply for a Maestro debit card directly at the issuing company.

When you hold a Maestro debit card and you think that your card has been stolen, or if you have lost it, Maestro advises you to contact your bank immediately rather than contact them. In this way, the sooner you call, the sooner you will be sent a replacement card, so that you can play again sooner at your favorite Maestro casino.

Additional Maestro Advantages

One major advantage of using this option for your Maestro casinos deposits is that you will be allowed to spend only available funds. This is an important feature regarding the idea of responsible gaming.

In addition, you can use Maestro at about 13 million outlets in over 100 countries across the globe, including all Maestro casinos. All Maestro valid cards allow their holder to cash out of ATMs abroad too, so you don't have to travel taking large amounts of currency with you; nonetheless, you'd better check with your bank about charges for using your card overseas, as well as calculate in advance the amount of money that you will need during your travel, since you will not be able to cash out in excess of the funds which are effectively available on your Maestro debit card.

Please note that you cannot withdraw funds from a Maestro casino cashier using the Maestro debit card.

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