Ukash Payment Option

Ukash is a form of electronic money. You can treat it exactly like cash but use it to spend online. It is an excellent payment method if you don’t have a credit / debit card or if for any reason you do not want to use your card to pay online.

Concretely, Ukash is a prepaid card which is available at over 420,000 outlets worldwide, in over 55 countries. You can get Ukash from shops, petrol stations, kiosks, ATMs as well as on the Internet.

Get a Ukash Prepaid Card

You do not need to register to use Ukash: you only need to buy a card. In order to find the nearest outlet where you will purchase your Ukash prepaid card, you can use a specific online store locator: this resource will guide you to find the outlet which is nearest to you. You will find the link to this application at the bottom of this page.

In exchange for your cash, you will receive a unique 19-digit Ukash code, which will be your key to your next Internet deals or to your next gaming experience at Ukash casinos. You need not worry if you can't decide how much money you want to deposit in your Ukash prepaid card: if you find that your Ukash balance is higher than the value of your purchase, you’ll receive the difference as a new unique code to use the on next time that you will shop online or play at Ukash casinos.

The procedure to use online your 19-digit unique code could not be simpler. You log into your Royale500 account, you go to the "deposit" command of our cashier and select the Ukash payment option. You will be put in communication with the Ukash server, which will ask you for your unique code. After your card and the transferred amount are validated, Ukash confirms at once your deposit to Royale500 and you can start playing and winning at our Ukash casino. Ukash prepaid card is valid 12 months after date of issue.

Additional Ukash Advantages

It is worth noting that you can use Ukash also as a banking retreat option. Our Ukash casino cashier will guide you to successfully withdraw your gains, just as it guided you to deposit your money. Just give it about one day for your withdrawal to be approved and a confirmation Email to be sent to your address.

An additional Ukash service is the option to use it in order to buy gift cards and vouchers for your favorite brands and gift certificates from online stores. Ukash cards are very flexible: you can break up your Ukash code into smaller value codes so that you can shop across multiple shops and spend just the right amount; in the same way, you can also combine multiple Ukash codes together to get a single code, which is very useful when you have several small value codes and want to buy something more expensive.

If you want to find where to get your Ukash prepaid card, here is a convenient link for you: