Wirecard Payment Option

Wirecard is a prepaid card issued by the German Bank Wirecard. With its simple online banking procedures, Wirecard offers a very valid alternative online payment method to credit cards and direct debits.

Wirecard casinos and merchants usually receive immediate confirmation of the successful payment and can therefore deliver at once the purchased products and services. This also minimizes eventual credit risks. It actually works just as a MasterCard credit card, with the notable exception that instead of being a physical card it is a prepaid virtual card.

Get a Wirecard Prepaid Card

In order to get a Wirecard prepaid card, you need to have an account at Wirecard Bank. Once you have it, you can register online and free of charge to receive your Wirecard as a virtual or plastic card. You can do it now at the convenient link which you will find at the bottom of this page.

If you choose the virtual card option, you will immediately receive your virtual MasterCard card data online immediately. That means that you will be able to use these data in any MasterCard online shop and not only in the cashier section of our Wirecard casino. Alternatively, you can request a plastic card, which will be rapidly mailed to you.

Either way, this process will allow you to use this Wirecard prepaid card to pay on a prepaid credit basis on the Internet wherever MasterCard is accepted: merchants, download providers, travel portals, Wirecard casinos and millions of other retailers worldwide. As you will see, it's really easy to shop around simply with your Wirecard data.

If you want to learn more about Wirecard prepaid cards, visit their site http://www.mywirecard.com/ . Content is available in both English and German. You can also request additional information by contacting directly the Wirecard team: write to their sales team by filling a form at http://www.wirecard.com/get-in-contact/sales/ .

Additional Wirecard Advantages

First and foremost, there is no annual fee. Moreover, the fact that your Wirecard works on a prepaid credit basis gives you free access to your card's credit balance and at the same time it allows you to retain complete control over costs and expenses.

Online registration for current Wirecard bank account holders is simple and fast, just like the ongoing use of your new Wirecard card. Finally, it must be said that Wirecard cannot be used for cash-outs (money withdrawals) from Wirecard casinos.

If you want to Register online for a Wirecard prepaid card, here is a convenient link for you: