ComGate Payment Option

ComGate is the new brand name of the AGMO payment method, provided by ComGate a.s. (formerly AGMO a.s.). ComGate is a payment gateway which enables reliable payments on the Internet and on mobile phones. Online payments are done via an express bank transfer activated by a network of authorized banks and credit cards. The user does not have to keep money on a separate account, since ComGate only moves paid funds from the bank to the merchant. When the electronic bank transfer is done, the ComGate casino cashier receives the deposit and it immediately credits the player’s account. ComGate services are provided under the authority of the Czech National Bank and follow its security regulations and control mechanisms.

ComGate support both the Visa and the MasterCard networks, which include Electron on one side and Maestro on the other. Payments via Diners Club, JCB and American Express are also supported. As a matter of fact, ComGate is also an effective way to pay online via a telecommunication operator payment account, like a mobile phone provider, either in the Czech republic (T-Mobile‎, O2 Mobil and Vodafone) or in Poland (T-Mobile‎, Plus, Play and Orange). In that case, payment is automatically deducted from a prepaid credit, or billed by invoice after the end of the month (what is called mPayment or Web Billing).

Open a ComGate account

Players do not need to open a ComGate account in order to deposit at ComGate casinos. Again, ComGate only moves money from the user’s bank account (or telephone account) to the Vendor’s. This makes things much simpler, since there is no need to manage a positive balance on several accounts. User only needs an open account with one of ComGate’s partners, either among the banks, credit cards or telephone operators. The list of ComGate partners for each of its different services can be found here: (the list is available also in Slovak, Czech, German and Polish).

Additional ComGate Advantages

One of the advantages of using this option is the Customer Center, which is a very effective helpline to provide information to customers, including the data regarding all business transactions, status and development.

ComGate also provides measurability and efficient tools to merchants, which are rewarded with a successful loyalty program. All this helps them manage their activity with ComGate and make an effective use of this banking system. However, players cannot withdraw money from a casino using ComGate’s gateway.

If you want to learn more about ComGate bank transfer, here is a convenient link for you: