eKonto Payment Option

eKonto is a banking service offered to its client by Raiffeisen Bank International, a major Czech bank. A few years ago this service was available also to holders of an account at eBanka, but this bank was bought by Raiffeisen who remained the lone provider of this payment method.
eKonto accounts make their owners eligible for services of direct banking, Internet banking, phone banking, GSM banking, PDA banking as well as debit cards like Visa (Classic, Electron and Gold) and MasterCard (Standard, Maestro, Gold and InternetCard). Some of these cards are issued free of charge but certain conditions apply. They can be generally used to purchase online.

Open an eKonto account

In order to open an account at eKonto you need to visit personally a Raiffeisen branch: it cannot be done online. The Raiffeisen website whose link is given at the bottom of this page provides also an easy way to find the closest branch or ATM. You will find it in the right column of the opening page.
Once your eKonto account is open, major Internet shops and eKonto casinos in the Czech Republic will be ready to accept purchases completed directly from it. Select the eKonto option at the casino cashier, choose the amount of your deposit, and validate. You will be transferred to a secure payment page through which you will safely connect to your eKonto account at Raiffeisen. Once the transaction certified, it will take just it a few moments to be automatically confirmed to the seller.

Additional eKonto Advantages

eKonto and Raiffeisen provide account holders with a direct toll-free info line: 800 900 900 (or +420 412 446 400 when calling from abroad, This is a 24-hour service. There is also a nonstop telephone line for lost or stolen cards reporting.
It must be noted that eKonto account and services have a cost, but some of the fees are dropped when some conditions are met. It might be useful to check them before making the transactions. Please consult this page http://www.rb.cz/en/information-service/informacni-a-online-sluzby/pricelists/
eKonto claims that it allows its users to withdraw money from an eKonto casino. Of course, it is recommended to check this claim with your Raiffeisen Bank representative before you decide to cash any of your winnings.
If you want to learn more about eKonto service, here is a convenient link for you: