Dankort payment option

Dankort is a national debit card, with which it is possible to pay in virtually any business in Denmark. The card, which was first introduced in 1983, can also be used in most ATM machines as well as when shopping on the Internet and when placing mail and telephone orders. When coupled with a Visa card, Dankort can also be used abroad in the huge Visa network. Dankort is equipped with a special security chip, which together with the PIN gives the best security for payment.

In contrast to the previously applied magnetic stripe technology, the data in the chip is encrypted and therefore it cannot be copied. Of course, as a cardholder you must still take very good care of your card and keep your PIN safe and separate from it. PlayMilllion Casino considers Dankort a very secure and practical option and it therefore accepts Dankort casino payments. In general, Dankort casinos accept the card's Web version which is used to pay on the Internet: this is an electronic card and it is unsurprisingly called eDankort.

How to get a Dankort debit card

In order to get a Dankort debit card, you need an open account at a Danish bank: all the major banks are able to provide you one. If you have already a banking account in Denmark, talk to your banker about this payment method, which as you will certainly see is very popular and respected.

Also non-Danish residents can obtain a valid Dankort card, but they may incur in additional fees which might make this payment option quite unpractical for them. Once you have your Dankort card, you can deposit money at any Dankort casino via its cashier and start playing casino games at once.

Other Dankort advantages

Dankort cards main advantage is its encrypted chip, which gives you maximal security, provided that your PIN code is kept separate from your card and that your PC is free of potential threats. In fact, this is a major improvement with respect to the previously used magnetic stripe system, from which data could possibly be copied.

Another good news is that your Dankort debit card can be used for withdrawal from your account at the casino cashier. So, in the lucky instance in which you win and you want to cash some or all of your gains, you will be able to just that with a Dankort card, provided you furnish some minimal ID documentation, at least the first time. If you lose your card, call immediately (+45) 4489 2929.

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