ecoPayz Payment Option

Most of us already know ecoPayz under its previous name EcoCard, a very successful and practical set of prepaid cards. Now EcoCard has not only been rebranded into the new name ecoPayz, but it has also evolved into a more comprehensive set of payment solutions, which starts with an eWallet account called ecoAccount and includes also the previous ecoCard and ecoVirtualcard services. The owner of ecoPayz is PSI-Pay Ltd, a British company which has been duly authorized to manage a service of electronic money.

Get an ecoPayz ecoAccount

In order to open an active account at ecoPayz, which is called ecoAccount, you only need to fill an online form which is available for you by clicking on the convenient link which you will find at the bottom of this page. It must be said that ecoPayz provides limited service to residents of some countries: they may hold an ecoAccount, however they will not be allowed to transfer funds with any ecoPayz casino or gambling-related merchant. Limitations on deposit and withdrawal options may also be in force. Once the form is sent, you will need to follow some easy verification steps to verify your new account.

Once your ecoPayz is open and active, you will be able to instantly send and receive money anywhere through your ecoAccount in multiple currencies, either online or via your cell phone, without any need to visit a physical bank. Sent money will directly go into the recipient's ecoAccount and funds will be instantly accessible and available.

Additional ecoPayz Advantages

Thanks to your new ecoAccount, you will also be entitled to apply for any of the two services previously offered during ecoPayz's former business life: ecoCard, the popular prepaid card; and ecoVirtualcard, the virtual MasterCard. All the three methods (eWallet, prepaid card and virtual credit card) can be used to deposit money in ecoPayz casinos, provided that no local regulations and restrictions apply.

The management of ecoPayz claims that this is one of the cheapest payment options in the market since it charges no costs for the receiver and only a commission of 1.5% for the sender. We also have a tip for you so that you can cancel that fee altogether: the service is completely free of charge for Gold ecoAccount holders! Depending on the amounts of your transactions, you might find this tip economically convenient.

Please note that you can use ecoPayz also to receive money, therefore you might consider it a possible withdrawal option.

If you want to open your personal ecoPayz account now, here is a convenient link for you: