Boleto Bancário Payment Option

Boleto Bancário allows to make payments for services online conveniently and securely, using a slip generated online. You can pay through your bank account online or by printing the coupon payment and paying directly into any bank branch.

Customers must have a Brazilian bank account and a tax number to use this service. Boleto Bancário coupons can be used to purchase goods also among Internet merchants and Boleto Bancário casinos which are outside Brazil, if they already have an agreement with this payment method.

Get a Boleto Bancário coupon

Boleto Bancário casinos are a good example to show you how to use a Boleto Bancário coupon. In order to deposit money in your account of a Boleto Bancário casino, go to the cashier of Royale500 Casino and choose the option to deposit with Boleto Bancário: you will be put through a secured connection with Boleto Bancário server where you will fill the desired payment data and provide a valid tax number.

The Boleto Bancário application will open a separate window displaying a slip or coupon which you will pay through your current online banking account or print in order to pay it later at any Brazilian bank branch. When payment is made, a separate confirmation is sent in real time to Global Collect (the owners of the Boleto Bancário service), which will confirm the successful transaction to Royale500 Casino, which will in turn automatically credit the amount of your deposit into your casino account.

This can be a great solution for some players; however, it should be pointed out that this process has a delay and therefore with Boleto Bancário access to online gaming is not immediate. If you want to know more about this, please visit the Website of Boleto Bancário at the convenient link you will find below, in this page.

Additional Boleto Bancário Advantages

This excellent casino payment option enables Brazilian gamblers to deposit money in their casino account by paying cash. It also offers a solution to players who do not hold (or do not want to use) any credit cards.

However, this might be an expensive service for small players, because of the fees involved by many of the transactions. You are advised to be sure that you agree with the fees before you use Boleto Bancário. This service cannot be used to withdraw funds.

If you want to learn more about Boleto Bancário service, here is a convenient link for you: