VIA Baloto Payment Option

VIA Baloto is a payment method which offers a very wide network of terminals in Colombia: about 10,000 in 450 different towns. They can be found in stores, drugstores, supermarkets, chain stores and other shops around the country. With over 800,000 transactions per day, VIA Baloto is the network of payment terminals offering the highest degree of availability in Colombia. Not all terminals provide all services and some of them belong to Apuestas en Línea S.A., a Colombian gaming network. More than 3,000 terminals are enabled to transfer funds to gaming sites, national lotteries, phone companies, public services, tax authorities, travel companies and of course VIA Baloto casinos. In addition, some users can use Via Baloto terminals to withdraw social benefits allocations and holders of Citibank accounts can receive effective ATM services at 4,000 terminals.

How to use VIA Baloto

There is no need to open a VIA Baloto account in order to pay: when you connect to the cashier of a VIA Baloto casino, you decide the amount of your deposit and you select VIA Baloto as a payment option. The system will provide you with two codes: one is to be used at a VIA Baloto terminal in order to pay your bill; once this is done, you can use the other to communicate your deposit to the merchant or the casino, in order to give them proof of your payment. Deposits are generally credited the following day.

With this method, users do not have to wait in long lines in order to conduct their transactions: payments can be conducted in flexible hours, including Sundays and holidays, with no need to manage a separate account and keep a positive balance of money.

Additional VIA Baloto Advantages

The network offers a national phone number to assist its clients: call 592 34 30 (in Bogotá) or 01 8000 956 886 (outside Bogotá). The company behind Via Baloto payments is major Italian gaming operator GTECH, the owner of Lottomatica.

Also bank transfers can be easily performed through the VIA Baloto point of sales: sender needs to communicate to the operator his own and the receiver’s ID number. The latter will then be able to receive the money by showing his document and the transaction’s PIN number in another point of the VIA Baloto network.

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