Neosurf Payment Option

Neosurf is a French prepaid card which can be found in most Western Europe countries and in some French-speaking African countries. This payment method belongs to Neosurf Cards SAS, a French company based in the suburbs of Paris which is in this business since 2004, when it launched its first Internet prepaid card.

There are not many Neosurf casinos yet and PlayMillion is proud to accept this card and to be among the first to offer this service to its players. Besides gaming, Neosurf is mostly used to purchase access to other online entertainment and social activities. Its main advantage is the chance it offers to purchase online without communicating one’s personal financial information. This limits the user’s risk and exposure to no more than the value of the card, making thus Neosurf very secure and practical.

Get a Neosurf Prepaid Card

Requesting a Neosurf card is very easy: the buyer goes to a point of sale which he can locate using the locator found at the bottom of this page.

There the buyer will be able to purchase the card, with no need to open any account. He will have access to two product lines: the one called "Classique", available for use through all Neosurf retailers and bearing values of 15, 30, 50 or 100€; the other called "Mineur", which cannot be used to purchase from adult content and gaming providers, such as a Neosurf casino (these bear a value of 10 or 20€).

Additional Neosurf Advantages

Neosurf allows its user to consult on the Internet the status of usage of his or her card: history of purchase, amount still available to spend and amounts transferred from previous cards. This last action is possible because one of the advantages of Neosurf is the possibility to transfer the unspent amount from a card to a new one, which will carry the new total spendable sum.

In addition to its evident simplicity and security, Neosurf allows its users to purchase anonymously, which might be a preferred choice for some of them.

Neosurf cards can be refunded via a bank transfer, though in order to do that the requesting user must open an account at and pay a 5€ fee. As most prepaid cards, they cannot be used to withdraw winnings or any deposited funds from the cashier of a casino.

If you want to find where to buy Neosurf prepaid cards, here is a convenient link for you: