MasterCard Payment Option

Many players consider credit cards their preferred method to deposit money at an online casino. If you want to play casino games for real money, we advise you to take into consideration the possibility to make a deposit to Royale500 Casino with a MasterCard credit card, one of the world's most important and popular credit cards.

Get a MasterCard Credit Card

Your current banking institution is probably the best placed source to issue a MasterCard credit card for you: ask your account representative to tell you about the MasterCard offers which are available at your local branch.

Even though some banks charge fees for the use of a MasterCard credit card, the advantages of this payment option are so big that you would still be better off. In fact, if you already have a credit card which is member of the MasterCard network, you do not need to open any account at any other third party.

That means, no additional user ID and password, no fear for disclosing personal and confidential data, no dealings with one more financial group: MasterCard keeps you from all this, since you can just take your current card (if you have one) and pay online at any MasterCard casinos. And if you do not have one any, there is rarely a reason why you shouldn't be able to get one at your bank. MasterCard (and MasterCard casino) withdrawals are allowed in certain countries.

Additional MasterCard Advantages

MasterCard itself charges no fees for money transactions. This might in part be compensated by your bank's fees, which vary from bank to bank. Please make sure that your card bears a 16-digits card number, a 4-digit expire date, and on its back a 3-digits CVV2 number. All those are necessary to the MasterCard casino in order to validate your deposit. The exceptionally strong encryption technology used by Royale500 Casino is exactly what you need to be sure that MasterCard data (and all other data) typed in our cashier section is secure and protected.

If you want to learn more about MasterCard credit cards, here is a convenient link for you: