Getting Started

1. Download Software

Click here to start installing the Royale500 software.


2. Run Installation

The File Download window appears. Click "Run" (or "Open"). Click on "Run" (or "Open") again. In some versions of Windows this window will not appear.


3. Select Language

The Language window appears. Select your preferred language for installation.


4. Accept Terms

Once the download and installation has been completed, the License Agreement window appears. Please read through the Terms and Conditions.
To proceed with this installation, click Accept.


5. Select Mode

Once you have accepted the Terms and Conditions, the Choose Game Mode window appears. Please select which mode you prefer to begin playing.


6. Create Account

Once you have chosen which mode to begin playing, the Registration window appears.
Please complete all the fields in English.
Ensure all fields are entered correctly and with accurate information.
Ensure the email address you provide is active, and entered correctly.
Click Register Now when you are finished