SporoPay Payment Option

SporoPay is an online bank transfer payment service offered by Slovenska Sporitelna, the largest commercial bank in Slovakia, to its client. It is strictly reserved to owner of an account at Slovenska Sporitelna.

SporoPay casinos and other online merchants are very willing to accept deposits done via SporoPay without asking you the details of your banking account. In fact, the system works in such a way that when you decide to move money to the cashier of a SporoPay casino, it connects you directly to your bank and the transfer will be done authorizing your bank to transfer funds to the casino.

Once the procedure is completed, you are connected again to your SporoPay casino account (or any other Internet merchant) where your money has already been credited, so that you are full ready to play. All this process is done without communicating and banking details to the casino. However, this method cannot be used to withdraw your casino gains, so that you are advised to find an alternative withdrawal option.

Open a SporoPay Account

If you want to use SporoPay as your payment method, you do not need to open a dedicated SporoPay account. Actually, there is no such a thing: instead, you need to have an account at Slovenska Sporitelna bank. If you do not have it yet, you can open one at the banks' premises.

When you click on the link at the bottom of this page you will be redirected to the website on the bank, where you will receive additional information about new accounts and the SporoPay payment option.

Additional SporoPay Advantages

For additional security reasons, all users are separately informed by the bank about the any payment carried on using SporoPay. This is generally done by Email to the registered address of the holder of the account. This confirmation is immediate and it includes also SporoPay casinos players.

If you want to register with SporoPay and with Slovenska Sporitelna bank, here is a convenient link for you: